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The Paralegal North Wales



Protecting & Defending Consumers


Small Claims Court Cases.

Taking a supplier to court? Impel Legal’s paralegals can help you navigate the Small Claims Court process.
Small claims made easy. Get expert support for your County Court case with Impel Legal.


Consumer Law

Got a faulty product? We fight for your rights against bad suppliers.

Don’t settle for shoddy work! Let us handle your claim for poor goods or services


Phone or Broadband Disputes

Struggling to cancel your mobile or broadband contract? We can help!

Stuck in a frustrating cancellation process? Let us fight for you to cancel your mobile or broadband contract,


Potholes & Speedbump Damage

Don’t let bad roads cost you. We fight for compensation for car damage caused by potholes and uneven surfaces.


Ebay Feedback Disputes

If someone has maliciously left you negative feedback, we can act on your behalf to seek compensation


Extended Warranty Scam

If you have purchased an extended warranty on an item that has developed a fault, we are here to help you.


Paralegal North Wales
Low Cost Paralegal Services

Feeling frustrated by bad service, shoddy work, or a sneaky deal?

Consumer rights issues shouldn’t cost a fortune. At Impel Legal, our paralegals are here to help. We offer:

  • Affordable solutions: No expensive solicitor fees, just fair and effective representation.
  • Your champion: We fight for your rights and get you the results you deserve.
  • Expert guidance: From crafting a strong legal letter to navigating Small Claims Court, we’re by your side.

Don’t let consumer problems win. Get Impel Legal on your team and protect your rights!

Paralegal North Wales


Protecting & Defending Consumers


When was the last time you bought an expensive item and just after the ‘one year’ guarantee ran out, it went faulty and the store where you bought it is refusing to help?”

Call The Paralegal


Has your car gone wrong soon after the warranty ran out? or that used car you bought suddenly failed or blew up? The car dealer says ‘hard luck, bad timing’!

Call The Paralegal


Have you experienced bad customer service. from your broadband or mobile phone supplier when you wanted to cancel a contract or direct debit payments?

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Paralegal Services


North Wales Paralegals

Have a Consumer Problum? Get a free consultation by our Paralegal