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Faulty Furniture Consumer Law UK

Faulty Sofa? Don’t Get Stuck on the Refund Maze!

You have rights, even with a used sofa or one bought over a year ago.

But navigating a claim for a refund, repair, or replacement can be tricky.

That’s where Impel Legal steps in.
We understand sofas are a significant investment, often financed, making problems even more frustrating. Our paralegals can help you:

Faulty furniture paralegal north wales
  • Understand your rights: Know exactly where you stand under the Consumer Rights Act.
  • Simplify the process: Avoid the hassle of dealing with claims yourself.
  • Get the outcome you deserve: Whether it’s a repair, replacement, or refund, we’ll fight for what’s fair.

Don’t settle for a sagging situation! Contact Impel Legal today for a free case assessment.

CALL IMPEL LEGAL ON 01745 316 141

Paralegal North Wales

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