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Pothole Damage Claims

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Hit a Pothole? Don’t Let It Cost You!

No matter how carefully you drive, even a slow bump on a ‘sleeping policeman’ can damage your tyres, wheels, or steering. The same with  potholes.

It is true that repairs might not be worth an insurance claim, you could still get compensation from the relevant council or authority that is responsible for that particular road.

Pothole dame claims UK

Here's how Impel Legal can help:

  • We handle the claim: Our paralegals will fight for compensation on your behalf.
  • Stronger case, better results: Together we’ll help you gather evidence to increase your chances of success.
  • Save time and stress: We’ll deal with the council so you can focus on repairs.

What you need to do:

pothole damage compensation UK
  1. Gather evidence:

    • Take photos of the pothole (including depth if possible).
    • Note the location (road name, town, landmarks).
    • Get witness details (if any).
    • Keep repair quotes and receipts.

2. Report the pothole to the local council or authority:

    • This helps hold the council accountable and ensures other road users to stay safe.
    • Use the postcode checker to find the right authority (England & Wales
    • Use What Three Words app to find the precise location of where the potoles or other problem. This is absolutely accurate but you need to be  at the location you want to report.
Pothole damage claims UK

Important notes:

  • Councils aren’t liable for unreported potholes.
  • You might need to wait for a resolution, so be patient.
  • More evidence strengthens your claim.

Ready to get started? Contact Impel Legal today!

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