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Used Car Consumer Rights UK

Bought a faulty car? You may have legal rights!

Paralegal North Wales

The Consumer Rights Act protects you if your new or used car develops a fault, but it depends:

  • Where you bought it: Recognized dealers offer more protection than private sellers or auctions.
  • How long you’ve had it: Rights weaken over time.

The downside? Legal claims can be lengthy and expensive, especially if court is involved.

Don’t let this woeey you …. read on.

Use car consumer law

Here's how Impel Legal can help:

Free case review: We’ll assess your situation and see if you have a claim.

  • Expert paralegal support: We’ll fight for repairs or compensation on your behalf.
  • Streamlined process: Let us handle the legwork, saving you time and stress.

Don’t face car trouble alone! Email us your case details, and we’ll propose a solution.

Call Impel Legal on 01745 613 141

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