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What is a Paralegal UK

What is a paralegal in England & Wales?.

A paralegal is a legal professional who assists lawyers in their work, but not all paralegals work from solicitors’ offices.

There are a few freelance paralegals who not only work with solicitors and barristers but also work directly with the general public.

Those who work in law firms will generally research legal issues, statutes, and case law, to support lawyers in preparing cases and providing legal advice.

They may draft simple legal documents, such as letters, briefs, and contracts for a lawyer.

Paralegals can manage case files (case management), schedule appointments, and prepare case materials for court.

They may communicate with clients to gather information, update them on case progress, and answer basic legal questions.

Paralegals often handle administrative tasks such as billing, scheduling, and record keeping.

Paralegals don’t appear in court on behalf of clients.

Hiring a paralegal can be more cost-effective than using a solicitor because paralegals typically charge lower hourly rates or agree to a fixed rate for a case or job.

Paralegals can free up solicitors’ time to focus on more complex legal work, improving overall efficiency and client service.

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